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2023-2024 Membership Renewal

It’s time to RENEW your Membership. Don’t miss any of your Member benefits by renewing before June 30.

The Member renewal price increased to the new rate of $74 until August 31, 2023. Any club renewing membership as of September 1 or after will pay the Membership Renewal with an added surcharge to total $84.

Regardless of when you renew, your membership period will begin on your renewal payment date and end on June 30, 2024. Note: Member benefits and discounts are only available when the renewal payment has been received.


Place the membership renewal and curriculum orders separately. Order this Membership Renewal first and for instant renewal pay with a credit card, then you curriculum purchase for the member discount to apply. If you select “bill to club” your member discount prices will be delayed and you will not receive membership prices until the membership is paid.

Only available for registered clubs. If you are interested in starting a new club please check out the information here.


This product is restricted to registered clubs. Please login to your account to purchase.